Sustainability meets minimalism

Mpho and Zazu invite you to a day of fashion and green living!

fashion dayOur very own Mpho Motsi from Upcylce is joining forces with the talented Zazu to showcase a limited number of their fashion design items in a pop- up store environment at Upcycle’s premises on Saturday 6th July.

Mpho and Zazu met in college where they were both studying fashion design at The London International School of Fashion (LISOF). 

Their fashion principles of sustainability and zero waste brought them together and this will be their first collaboration. They will each be showcasing 4 of their own designs. 

Mpho (23) originally from The Free State always knew his calling was in fashion.  Clothing and his own unique style of dressing was always important to him. Brands like Baby Milo and Ivisu Jeans inspired him and he says he also drew a lot of motivation from music videos. When he took two of his mother’s jackets – one being denim and the other being fur(eeek) and made a new piece by upcycling the two together, he knew his days of becoming a designer had begun! 

Mpho needed a space in which to work and he can thank a sewing machine that he saw every single morning in a factory window on his way to gym for bringing him into contact with Winnie Mchenry, owner of Upcycle.

One of Upcycle’s main core principles is to focus on developing skills, transferring knowledge and training individuals to create and develop products from waste, creating sustainable job opportunities for unemployed people with the objective to develop an up-cycle set of skills implemented and supported by effective CSI projects.


Upcycle is all about green living, zero waste and teaching the world out there to utilize rather than throw away.

Winnie saw the potential in Mpho and because she had a factory full of fabric that corporate companies had donated rather than end up in a landfill, Mpho had the opportunity to do what he does best – design and sew! 

Mpho’s and Upcycle’s sense of zero waste and sustainability ties in with exactly what Zazu’s brand stands for – minimalism!

Zazu was created in January 2019 by the very talented Zandile (21) and had its debut collection showcased on the SA Fashion week runway in April as part of the mini menswear scouting competition.

Zazu is a trans seasonal crossover minimalistic menswear brand that aims to make transitioning between work and leisure seamless for the male consumer.

After completing her studies at LISOF, Zandile felt it was time to be part of the slow fashion movement and she did this by creating timeless pieces that can be worn throughout the year.

Zazu says that as a designer, she likes to let the fabric do the talking through the textures and simple fabric details that the brand uses.

Mpho had attended Zazu’s show at SA Fashion week in April and he spoke to her about perhaps doing a project together. When Zandile visited Mpho at Upcycle’s premises, she said it was the inspiring space that motivated her collection. The lines of the space at Upcycle, Mpho said too, inspired his work.  Mpho and Zazu’s mutual understanding of zero waste and minimalism in their designs has woven them together!

Come and join these two amazingly talented designers at Upcycle for coffee and beverages and see the inspiring space for yourself.  And if you are not buying clothing you will be able to take away an understanding of what Upcycle is about.

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