Upcycle fashion show 

Upcycle Fashion is on a mission to contribute to a global reduction of waste through creative solutions. We invite Students, Artists and Businesses to find creative uses for items reclaimed from the waste stream all while exposing just how much waste is created through our daily lives. We hope to foster a generation of considerate consumers and creators who will change the way the world sees waste. Outrageously unique clothing, jewellery and other accessories created from things found in rubbish bins and recycling bins. It’s hip. A must for all budding fashion designers and artists! The Trashion Show is part of a greater effort on
behalf of ABI to promote environmentally friendly behaviour on both an individual and communal level.

ABI fashion show

Dates to remember

27 Sep 2020;
World Rivers Day
04 Oct 2020;
National Marine Week
04 Oct 2020;
World Animal Day
05 Oct 2020;
World Habitat Day
10 Oct 2020;
African Penguin Day
21 Nov 2020;
World Fisheries Day
05 Dec 2020;
World Soil Day
11 Dec 2020;
International Mountain Day
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