Arbor day plastic bottle-top tree!

plastic bottle top mosaic

Upcycle, in collaboration with all the “greenies” got together to create a “Tree of Life”
(more like a forest of life), using mosaic as the medium. Several hundred bottle caps and
thousands of beads were used to create this spectacular wall.

Arbour day 2014

The Gallery of the Event 

Arbor day 2014 gallery

Dates to remember

27 Sep 2020;
World Rivers Day
04 Oct 2020;
National Marine Week
04 Oct 2020;
World Animal Day
05 Oct 2020;
World Habitat Day
10 Oct 2020;
African Penguin Day
21 Nov 2020;
World Fisheries Day
05 Dec 2020;
World Soil Day
11 Dec 2020;
International Mountain Day
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