Upcycle for landfill avoidance!

Upcycle’s motivational principal is to assist people, companies & everyone on this planet to understand that all waste has value.

We help you turn your waste around, creating a circular economy from your waste that impacts lives in a very positive way.

How we do this –

*Innovate waste into valuable products

*Activate community training programmes that include product development

*Zero waste product sales for a greener economy

Upcycle focuses on the ‘stuff’ that is destined for landfill, not on recycling!

Upcycling is the reinvestment into the environment through reinventing waste and giving it a new purpose with more value as opposed to recycling it.

This is where you help us make a better social & environmental impact with Upcycle’s creative innovation practises.

Together we actively train people in communities across South Africa.  The training is focused on the Upcycle principal of creating new products of value from your waste stream.

Upcycle provides solutions to companies who want to be ahead of the trend & make a more positive impact on our planet!

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