Upcycle at “Lefika la Phodisa”

trainingWe are all artists. We are all creative. We were born with the gift of being able to create things with our hands. As young children we enthusiastically believe this with all our hearts as we play & easily form & create things with our hands inspired by the free range of our imagination. As we grow older & move through the education system, we lose the enthusiasm & confidence of creativity. It is as if our natural ability to create is taught out of us as we conform to societal expectations of who we need to be to be successful or at least accepted.

Winnie Mc Henry of Upcycle talks about this as she introduces what Upcycle does at an opening circle of youth training held in the Lefika La Phodiso space (meaning rock of holding or healing). Lefika is a community art counselling & training centre, one of Africa’s first psychoanalytically informed community centres, based at the Children’s Memorial Institute on Constitution Hill in Jhb.

Upcycle was invited by Naomi Schauer of C.O.N.E.C.K.T to do a training workshop with participants from the “Yes 4 Youth” initiative. Upcycle’s focus on training with the youth was to make beads for jewellery from paper. A forefront mission of Upcycle is to teach people that you do not have to have an income to start a business. All waste in our environment can be repurposed to create a product of value. Upcycling is a process that happens before recycling. Its core function being redirecting waste to functional usage so that it avoids landfill.

The process of reinventing waste is a process that stems from the principals of design thinking. 

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