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Sadnah R70 Bara Hospital
Kate R150 Bara Hospital
Gordon R500 Dr Roger (JHB Gen phisyo)
Michael R500 Linden Police Station
Ryan R400 Linden Police Station
Anonymous (Ireland) R1029 Nosh food rescue 
Aguil R1750 ICU Unit
Alex R90.00 Nosh food rescue 
Alex R160.00 Nosh food rescue 
Jane R140.00 Random give away in Winsor
Mandy R200.00 Random give away in Winsor
Janine R255.00 Linden Police Station
Anonymous R300.00 TBA
Wayne R30.00 TBA

R35.00 fitted fabric facial mask

face maskimage9

R15.00 stright (surgical) style mask


The demand for the facial mask!

face maskThis new year and decade 2020 has disrupted our way of living in a way that we just didn’t see coming. Social distancing for one is now a global necessity in an active stop to having the COVID19 virus spread indiscriminately fast. The facial mask or masking of the face has become a daylight accessory of necessity
overnight. An extremely high turnover of the demand for facial medical masks has shown face to criminal disruption in medical facial masks being stolen from hospitals. One of the recent articles I read on facial mask theft is of a theft on Tues 17 th March, a report on a theft of 50 thousand protective face masks intended for medical clinics in Cologne, Germany. The report continues across various cities across Germany reporting theft of medical clothing, sanitisers, gloves, disinfectants, respirators from children’s intensive care unit looking after many young cancer patients.

As you continue to scroll through headlines, you see the demand of the facial mask
as one of the most important commodities as a resultant from the global crisis. Various countries, from Australia to Ukraine to France. There is a certainty of a new
stress that we need to survive without possibly having access to goods as we usually
consume. Businesses at every level of social interaction has had to control & limit interaction of human beings in a workspace as responsible citizenship in response to social restrictions & required social distancing. Small & medium size businesses have had to reboot how & possibly what they trade as business equity in this environment  so having to robustly adapt product & value to respond in innovation to the global impact of this human crisis point. Upcycle has in response to critical measures required, through its innovation hub of Upcycle Creative, quickly restructured its resources, capacity and redistribution of staff to work at home. Innovation of creating new products from the core principal of the Upcycle way – utilising waste products that would usually make landfill because of branding right restrictions and the cycle of waste product in the consumer behaviour ecosystem. Upcycle sanitises / de-brands corporate waste stream and redistributes into
the economy by developing products and projects that feed social impact in
development & enterprise. Redirecting and; minimising the impact on the environment while creating social equity and community dignity. In response to the global crisis & the redistribution of focus on innovation, Upcycle has prototyped & redirected business capacity to introduce two alternate facial mask covers. Both these facial mask options are made from cotton T shirts that are part of a landfill avoidance project that Upcycle handles sanitisation / de-branding processes
for. These cotton T shirts are new, virgin material, not worn before, but branded

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Upcycle Snuffle Mats now available!

dog finding treatUpcycle snuffle mats are now available at the Upcycle landfill avoidance shop situated at 158 Long Road, Greymont in Jhb.

In case you don’t know, a “snuffle mat” is a material feeding mat for dogs. (Apparently cats love them too!). Basically, a snuffle mat stimulates a dogs natural foraging instinct by mimicking the hunt for food in grass & fields, stimulating their noses & brains to earn their meals. You hide treats around the mat, and then your dog uses his nose to find them, getting a tasty treat as a reward. A dog’s sense of smell is 50 times stronger than humans. Your dog sees the world through his or her nose!

The added value of these particular snuffle mats is that they are made by ladies that are trained in community sewing projects through Upcycle’s innovation lab.

One of Upcycle’s primary business intervention initiatives is training communities to make useable goods from waste product. The ‘waste’ product used for the creation of the snuffle mats is in line with the Upcycle landfill avoidance concept shop’s mission of creating new products from material that cannot be fully de-branded & so land up in landfill.

Upcycle has been contracted by a corporate product company to upcycle by sanitising their ‘waste product’ that would usually make landfill.

This production line of the Upcycle snuffle mats is a direct response of innovation to the sanitisation process of de-branding for certain corporate T shirts that cannot have branding removed or rebranded. These T shirts would usually end up in landfill due to branding rights & restrictions.

The Upcycle snuffle mats are made from cotton T shirts that cannot be de-branded or rebranded for use as a wearable T shirt. The branded T shirts are cut up into strips to strip away the branding. A square material base is placed to feed strips of material through small slits cut in a line across the base. With a crochet needle, the material strip is hooked in the middle & pulled through the small holes in the base square. The material strip is then looped around itself to knot around the slit in the base material. This process is continued until each slit in a line has a knotted strip through it & then the process is continued until each parallel line is filled. Colour combinations are decided on in the design process beforehand. When the threading of the material strips into the square base is complete, another square material base is sewn onto the side of the base where the slits are fed with knots of material to protect this side from being unravelled in the search for treats.

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HJ blue1Hayley Joy Teddy's


To upskill and provide, sustainable job opportunities, through the utilisation of scrap material.


Hayley Joy's quest to reduce their carbon footprint, by donating their fabric scraps, has been enabled by a wonderful collaboration with Upcycle Winnie. Hayley Joy production generates a vast amount of waste, and what a waste it would have been, for it to be dumped, or even worse, end up in a landfill.

Upcycle, Winnie, has been able to upskill two families, by teaching them basic sewing skills, and she has now trained them to make the Teddies from scratch.

HJ blue

 Please view our project here.

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L03twtCG5cQ


The story so far:

After much research and development, Upcycle was able to come up with a number of ways in which the scrap fabric supplied by Hayley Joy, could be upcycled into new products. Through the process, one concept in particular has been directly adopted and turned into a full CSI project, namely the Teddy Bear Project. 


Upcycle has been teaching ladies Upcycling skills, needlework and how to use a sewing machine as part of its skills development project. The teddy bear project was introduced to the project as part of the skills transfer process. It was at this time, that Lydia fell in love with these cute teddies. Even though this was different from her original path, which was to learn to sew clothing to increase her income, and to work from home, Lydia has adopted the teddy project as her own and is loving being able to now help others in return. Lydia makes these teddies and now teaches ladies in Orange Farm to do the same.

The teddy bears are completely made by hand, with wall the sewing and finishes being done by hand, thereby making the project ideal to be set up, and taken further into any rural area. Upcycle has taken this to the level that even the stuffing used in each teddy is from the self-same scrap.

Upcycle has taught Lydia how to make these teddies from start to finish, how to do the different stiches, how to assemble the little bears and finally their signature faces. Through Upcycle's support and tutelage, she is now able to produce these bears which are on sale at the Hayley Joy shop in Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, JHB or through Upcycle.

What is happening now?

Due to the rising demand we have had to produce more of these cute little fabric bears, we have helped Lydia to bring more people into the project and we have reduced Hayley's waste to zero as we take all her scrap fabric. Lydia now has 4 additional people in her home town of Orange Farm making teddy's and helping her keep up with the orders. Two of these ladies are elderly and unemployed and through this project have now found a purpose to their days while making an income by producing amazing little teddies. Lydia has gone from making the bears by herself to being a team leader and managing the process.

HJ red

Get involved?

By ordering teddies at R150.00 each from Hayley Joy and Upcycle, this will directly support the project and all the people involved.

Upcycle is always looking to new ways to make a difference, if you or your company have a waste product you would like us reduce by helping you set up a CSI project give us call! 

Contact Winnie

kanye training 

sewing grannies













Hayley Joy Weinberg shared your post.
2 mins · 

When they talk about the Angels that walk amongst us, Upcycle Winnie Mchenry is most definitely one of them. Dedicating your life to helping people change their lives by upskilling them, and contributing to saving our planet, makes her a very special Angel.
Please watch the video and please like and share it. We need to get Winnie and her dedication out to the world.

I’m incredibly honoured to be a small part of this phenomenal initiative. Upskilling women so that they can feed, clothe and school their families, and at the same time keeping waste out of landfills, means that my carbon footprint is a little lighter.

Winnie does valuable corporate team building sessions (I’ve seen photos of the CEO of a bank, holding my fabric, whilst making a teddy for charity). Please support this initiative, it’s changing lives on a scale that is unprecedented.
❤️ Hayley

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facebook comment 2 October 2015

If you don't believe in Angels, then you haven't met Winnie McHenry. Winnie and I crossed paths when I was looking to donate my bags of fabric offcuts, to an organisation, to avoid them ending up in a landfill. It's not easy controlling my carbon footprint in my industry, and the amount of bags we generate is particularly worrying. 

Winnie is the owner of an amazing initiative called Upcycle Winnie. She will take your trash, teach skills to people, and they will turn your trash into something amazing, like these gorgeous Teddy Bears, made out of Hayley Joy offcuts.
I am so flattered to be a part of this upliftment chain. Working with Winnie, has taught HJ so much about the 'bigger picture'.
I have taken delivery of my first range of Teddies. They are for sale at R150, and all proceeds will go back to Winnie and the community who are so lovingly producing the Bears.
Empowering families via our fabric offcuts, is something I'm extremely proud of. It's an important part of my entrepreneurial dream.
Winnie - winnie@upcycle.co.za

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