Serviette holder project

complete serviette ring

Step by step project showing you how to make upcycled toilet roll serviette rings.

Step by step instructions showing how to make your own upcycled serviette rings by recycling the inner cardboard tube from a toilet roll

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This is a fun and easy project, and a great way to make something upcycled that you can really use!

The cool thing about making these is that there is no limit to the about of designs and or variable you could use while doing them.

The project we have done is wtih brown rafia but you could use christmas colours for christmas or any colour that suits you event. You could even drow the beads and just stick a scrap booking trinket onto the side to make them for a wedding or baby shower. The ideas are endless.

The amount of toilet rolls consumed daily is quite scary and is a great motivational factor in why we should all start to look at our waste and think of inovative ideas to do with junk. 

What you need to make upcycled toilet roll serviette rings:

The inner cardboard roll of kitchen towel or toilet roll

Raffia, or lengths of ribbon

Old beads to recycle



Step 1

Cut your cardboard roll to your desired width for your serviette rings. I have made mine 3.5cm wide.

cutting toilet roll

Step 2

Take a length of raffia and tie it around the cardboard roll, using a double knot.

Step 3

Pull the double knot to the inside of the cardboard toilet roll to conceal it.

turn the knot inside toilet roll

Step 4

Continue to weave the raffia or ribbon around the recycled cardboard toilet roll, until it is completely covered. If you run out of raffia, add an extra length of raffia by tying another knot and pulling it to the inside of your recycled cardboard roll.

wraping toilet roll

Step 5

Thread one of your beads onto a loose end of the raffia and tie a double knot below it to keep it in place.

tie a bead on

Step 6

Add as many beads as you like, until you are pleased with the end result and all loose ends are eliminated.

serviette ring

Step 7

Your recycled serviette ring is complete and ready for a fabulous dinner party!

serviette in recycled toilet roll serviette ring

Entertain in style with your own, unique handmade range of upcycled serviette rings!

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