Big Fabric Pom Pom

fabric pompom

Step by step project on how to make upcycled pom poms from scrap fabric

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This big pom-pom tutorial uses an easy fast method for upcycling scraps of fabric into this fashionable decor item.

In this tutorial we will make a reusable pompom maker, which makes pompom making easier, especially handy for mega sized pompoms.

The big fabric pompom is very easy to make and a nice craft for adult and child to do together.

We specifically use stretch fabric which looks very effective because cut into the same direction as the stretch it curls inward into neat tubes. Old T-shirts could also be used for this project.

Fabric takes up vast amount of space in landfills, only 15% gets recycled, and it’s so upcyclable, please rather put those scraps and old Tee’s to good use.


What you will need to make Big Fabric Pompom

Scrap fabric
Masking tape
Card board

Step 1                       

Enlarge, print and cut big fabric Pompom maker template, you will need 4 of these horseshoe shapes, trace design on to firm strong cardboard, cut out.


Step 2

Cut out strips of fabric, cut continuous strips by only cutting to the end of every alternate strip.

Cut the same direction as the stretch so that the scrap fabric curls in like tubes, this will make your big fabric pompom look good. Roll up into fabric yarn balls.
continual strip template

Step 3

Put two of your  big fabric pompom maker cardboard pieces together & begin to wind on fabric yarn. Work from just above the rectangle ends to just above the opposite rectangle end. When a yarn strip ends tuck in and begin with a new strip, avoid tying knots.

Continue till quiet fat with scrap fabric yarn, the thicker the better.

wind on yarn

Step 4

Than wind scrap fabric yarn onto the second big fabric pompom maker cardboard pieces, till nice and thick.

two sides

Step 5

Fold up rectangle ends, arrange in a line the ends of the two pieces than tape with masking tape only on the inside end, or clip with small bull nose clips.

tape rectangle ends

Step 6

Slip your scissors between the two pieces of big fabric pompom maker and begin to cut the scrap fabric yarn. Cut right round both sides. Work with your pompom maker flat on the table to avoid fabric pieces falling.


Step 7

Slip a long piece of scrap fabric yarn between the cardboard pieces of big fabric pompom maker

Pull the yarn round & tie tight.


Step 8

Remove masking tape from big fabric pompom maker and take out your big fabric pompom.

Trim your big fabric pompom. 

trimfabric pompom

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