Fabric and studs picture frame

zip and press stud picture frame done with mosaic techiqueIdea for a picture frame made from discarded zips and press studs

As part of it’s ongoing dedication to the security of our country the SAPS is also looking at the security of our environmental future. To the end every single uniform that is replace during the time a police officer works for the SAPS is sent to their Pretoria branch where the uniform is then destroyed and the various components are sent to different companies to prevent the waste from entering landfills.

Upcycle has become a part of this project by taking on the discarded zips and press studs from the SAPS uniforms and have been working hard at making up projects to utilise the waste.

In this project we took the zips, press studs and a few unwanted beads and used them with a mosaic technique and produced this stunning picture frame.

We retail this from our store in Randburg for R280.00 


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