Upcycled Wine Bottle Chandeliers

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upcycled wine bottle chandeliercut wine bottle chandelier

Upcycled idea, using unwanted wine and champagne bottles.

This chandelier, made from discarded wine bottles, has had the bottoms removed so that we could install the light fittings. This is just one example of what you can do to cut bottles and turning them into a useful, functional and attractive fitting.

 The options of Upcycling waste are endless when we take the time to look at what we throw out, and look past the fact that this is a waste item. All too often all of us are guilty of just discarding waste that could very simply be turned into something awesome. Glass being what it is can be recycled over and over again, however the part that we all forget in the process of recycling glass is that it takes the same amount of energy to recycle it, as it does making virgin glass. The process can be more time and cost consuming due to the bottles requiring cleaning and sorting.

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