Plastic Cool Drink Bottle Cuff Bangle


Step by step project showing how to make your own plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle

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Upcycle a plastic cool drink bottles into a fashionable bangle. This plastic cool drink bottle bangle also uses those small scraps of fabric so nothing is wasted. It has a cool crocheted trim that keeps it all together and looking great! This is a satisfying project for beginners to crochet.

This craft is very versatile, so lots of potential to release your creativity

There are a variety of bangle shapes to be found in different types of plastic cool drink or water bottles, so do have fun experimenting; in this step by step we have used the flat piece from a 750ml Coca Cola bottle.

This is a great craft for child to do but there are a couple of steps that would need an adult’s assistance.

Start a new craze at school that's actually good for the enviroment.

50% of plastic is only used once than thrown away, by turning it into a cherished jewellery piece we keep it away from the landfill and our water systems.

 What you will need to make plastic bottle friendship cuff bangle

Plastic Cool Drink Bottle
Wood Glue
Scrap fabric
Crochet Hook (about a 4)
Old Paint Brush
Large Nail/ an Awl
a Wood Off Cut
a Big Book

Step 1

We begin the cuff bangle by cutting the plastic bottle. Plastic bottles cut easily with a paper scissors, but it’s easier to make an initial hole with either an awl or a nail than slip you scissors in the hole & snip away (kids get an adult to help you).

The plastic bottle cuff bangle is created with the flat plain part of a 750ml Coca-Cola bottle.We cut of the top & the bottom part of the bottle to reach this plain piece.

cut flat strip

Step 2

We cut down the round piece.

cut down circle


Step 3

Rule the flat piece of plastic cool drink bottle to the size you would like your cuff bangle, than cut.


Step 4

Use a round shape to trace half round edges onto your cuff bangle, ( I used a glue bottle) find something round that fits your friendship bangle size.Then cut the half round shapes out on your plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle.

round edges

Step 5

Now we paint our plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle with a good coat of wood glue, edge to edge


Step 6

Lay your plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle, glued side down, on the right side of your chosen fabric scrap. The wood glue will dry clear.Press your plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle down with a big book while it dries, leave for about 10/15 minutes.

glue to fabric

Step 7

Trim the extra fabric on your plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle. Your bangle will begin to look good at this stage & you may want to stop here, but eventually the fabric will peel away from the plastic unless it’s bound together, which is what we do in the next steps

trim fabric

Step 8

On top of a wooden off cut, with a nail or an awl begin to hammer small holes about 5mm apart all along the edges of plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle. Hammer on the less slippery fabric side. (Kids get help from an adult for this step) .You could also use leather punch pliers if you have this tool.


Step 9

Now begin to crochet through the holes of your plastic cool drink bottle friendship bangle. Start working two chain stitches. Than stick your crochet hook through a hole, wind yarn over your hook, than pull your yarn through the hole so your new loop meets your original loop but wind the yarn over your crochet hook again before pulling through your loop creating a double stitch. Between holes do about two chain stitches and treat each hole the same as above.

Continue all around your plastic cool drink bottle friendship bangle.


Step 10

Finish off by working chain stitch at either end of your plastic cool drink bottle friendship bangle to create ties.


Or you could punch holes and tie with ribbon as I did on this plastic cool drink bottle cuff bangle made with a lacy scrap of fabric.

ribbon lace










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