Upcycled Mosaic Love Block Project

finished upcycle background
Easy step by step instructions showing how to make your own mosaic love block, a fantastic
Mother’s Day gift.

For any questions contact: Winnie

This is a great, easy step by step mosaic project to create a beautiful mosaic on a piece of
wood. Follow our instructions and make a beautiful handmade gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, or
use it as a Valentine’s Day gift! This is a great mosaic project for your next craft project.








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Faux wooden door

commpleted faux panels

Step by step instructions showing you how to make a faux wooden door from old plain interior doors.

Upcycle have moved into their new premises and we have decided we really do not like the look of our new door.

We could just paint it a plain colour and get done but that’s just not who we are!! So let’s see what we can come up with.

Firstly we decided that we need to keep it rather neutral and not too over the top as we cannot take away from the entrance of the studio.

The entrance will be our main display area so keeping that as neutral as possible will be a help to the actual products on the display stand.

After much deliberation it was decided that using paint techniques is such an easy as simple way to change the entire look and feel of the door.


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Upcycled Wooden Cross Project

wooden cross complete upcycle bkgrnd
Step by step instructions showing you how to make your own cross using an old wooden beam.

For any questions contact: Winnie

Do you have any old wooden pallets or broken furniture? There is so much wood lying around
that can easily be recycled into something. With this Upcycling craft we created a beautiful
handmade cross from some wooden off-cuts which were lying around. Our easy step by step
instructions will show you how easy it is to make your own!








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Upcycled Wooden "I Love U" Blocks

i love you background upcycle
Step-by-step on how to make "I Love U" blocks for someone special or Valentine’s Day.

Upcycling or re-using wood rather than having it end up in a landfill is a great way to help
save the planet. The bonus is you have a really beautiful gift you could give to someone
special. The blocks don’t need to be any specific size - so use whatever wood you happen to

For any questions contact: Winnie








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