1 day Glass bottle upcycle course

This coursecovers the basics of craft skill incorporating glass bottles as it preferred medium of choice.

Glass cutting workshop
Glass cutting is quite a skill and an awesome skill at that! Inspire your friends and customers with your ability to cut glass bottles.
Upcycle will host the Glass cutting practical workshop on 20th of April 2019
An introduction to recycling glass and the full range of really cool products that you can make with cut glass bottles
Glass bottle cutting workshop: Sat 20th of April 2019 / 9am to 2pm @ Upcycle Creative Studios in Fontainebleau Randburg.

Limited space so booking early essential R680.00

clear hurricane wine bottle candle holder 400


The course will help develop your ideas base and show you how to make almost anything from what you would ordinarily consider to be just waste.

The tools needed in the course are provided and details on obtaining such will be provided during the training.
A variety of tools will be covered from basic hand tool to power operated machinery. Although the course does include all types of products and machinery it will not be necessary to have huge amount of accessible funds before you will be able to take advantage of the knowledge learned to start your own business.

We cover a large variety of option and crafting skills to choose from and you can start your own business with the skills learn based on the product you like identified with most. You might have an affinity for the jewellery making part of the course and want to focus your business on that. Others might enjoy making light fittings and lampshades and create their business with this aspect in mind. The course covers a large crafting spectrum and there will be something for everyone to choose from.

nescafe bottle light

Sharing and imagination is part of the fun and no idea is pushed aside. This course is designed to get you out of your NOT creative mind-set and prove to you that we all have the ability to be amazing!!

grinding off lightbulbs bottomsthe finished products

As glass is a much harder product to work with but has so many more options for creativity and product range we have developed and exented detailed indephth couse on glass bottle upcycling and a miriad of used for glass bottle upcycling. 

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