Creativity workshop

creativityEver wondered if you have that creative spark lying dormant within you?
Have you ever explored your imaginative side?
Creativity workshops set free creativity across the world: Creativity Workshops are becoming more and more widespread as intellectual property becomes the world's most valuable commodity. Many Companies are willingly to spend millions on creativity workshops for their employees so that they can stay on the cutting edge. Entrepreneurs know that they are one brilliant idea away from a multi-million Rand fortune and they value creativity highly.

Creativity is required to succeed in business, ranging from broad strategic thinking to troubleshooting tactical problems. People are by nature creative, and in the right atmosphere, with the right training and tools, everyone can tap into this inherent talent.

You will generate both new work and glean ideas for the work you are currently making. Our variety of techniques will help you to find your way in your chosen area – of big business.

We at Upcycle have just the solution, for you, a weekly Workshop of 3 hours per week; we will help you unlock your inner creativity. Our inspired team will lead you through the various techniques of different disciplines. These Workshops run from 6 pm to 9 pm.

R 100.00 per person, occasionally we require an additional payment for materials, not more than R 50.00 should the materials be required, this will be communicated prior to the Workshops.

Upcycle has brought together people from all professions, ages, and nations. What Creativity Workshop participants all have in common is an interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity, and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imaginations.

We offer one of the only workshops that have all kinds of corporate and business people in the same Workshops. We have developed exercises that evoke the universal and archetypal, and we focus on the artistic process rather than any one specific discipline.

We are based in fontainebleau, 84 maria st.

Security gaurd on duty.

For more information and booking contact Winnie via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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