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There is nothing more rewarding than being able to inspire someone! Over the years, we have developed numerous one day, inspirational workshops. These workshops are designed to inspire teachers, crafters, community volunteers and corporates alike. The workshops teach participants the tricks of the trade. We teach participants to view junk as possible craft projects. We try to unleash their inner creativity and then follow through with crafting skills to help them achieve their goals. During our one day training, we try to focus on a few really wow products, that way learners leave the course, inspired and able to instruct others on the how create masterpieces.

It’s essential to teach participants the basic tools for each different task, in our training we do try to cover a selection of techniques and skills but for a more extensive understanding of the crafting and upcycling worlds, longer training session are available.

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yellow green paper bead necklaceAn example of what the workshop can entail:

Here is a sketch of what the one day inspirational workshop typically involves.  We have previously taught learners the art of making awesome and funky beads using old pieces of scrap paper, at the same time, we have also taught how to make tea light candle holders from used tin cans as well as earrings from old milk bottles.  This is a practical way to mix up the skills training. As usual this is yet another opportunity for us to teach learners the importance of not only recycling ... but upcycling.  

Never look at your trash without thinking about what you can do creatively with the contents.


All materials will be provided for the sessions but we do make sure we focus on training craft skill with materials commonly found in and around the house as waste products. Etc, coke and milk bottles as well as paper and tins. We would welcome a waste collection of some of these commonly found products to reinforce the mindset of waste being a valuable commodity.

We limit the tool requirement to very affordable equipment, usually equipment that people already have on hand.

milk bottle earrings

The cost for an inspirational training day is R 3 200.00.

The cost includes training for a maximum of 15 candidates. We can most certainly accommodate more than 15 candidates, in which case the cost per person added to the group will be R 180.00 per person.

These costs do not include venue hire; we prefer training either on site or at a community centre in the area we will be training in. We are able to source the right venue on your behalf and arrange refreshments and catering on your behalf.

We are able to train up to 300 people per day, venue dependant.


We do require the venue you chose to have tables and chairs as well as a washing up and ablution facilities.


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Costs for travel is included for training done in venues 20km or less from Johannesburg Central.  

Areas outside the 20km radius will be quoted and invoiced separately according to distance travelled per facilitator.

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