dettol money pouch upcycle keyrings


These are small money pouches that you attached to your keyrings to put small change in for car gaurds or a loaf of bread!

These are strong durable and made with one Dettol soap wrapper. The colours are nice and vibrant and make really great looking money pouches! 

Dettol are conscious of their waste issue and are trying to find ways to recycle, upcycle and reuse their waste to prevent it ending up in landfills.








dettol purse

Dettol Soap Upcycled Purse

Fun and vibrant colours make for lots of fun play! Dionne and i had a ball coming up with various ideas on how to reuse these soap wrappers. 

These are small pouches or purses that are strong and durable and can be made in any of your favorite dettol products!

 dettol products upcycled











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