The demand for face masks continue

April 2020

This new year & decade 2020 has disrupted our way of living in a way that we just didn’t see coming. Social distancing for one is now a global necessity in an active stop to having the COVID19 virus spread indiscriminately fast.

face maskThe facial mask or masking of the face has become a daylight accessory of necessity overnight. An extremely high turnover of the demand for facial medical masks has shown face to criminal disruption in medical facial masks being stolen from hospitals. One of the recent articles I read on facial mask theft is of a theft on Tues 17th March, a report on a theft of 50 thousand protective face masks intended for medical clinics in Cologne, Germany. The report continues across various cities across Germany reporting theft of medical clothing, sanitisers, gloves, disinfectants, respirators from children’s intensive care unit looking after many young cancer patients.

As you continue to scroll through headlines, you see the demand of the facial mask as one of the most important commodities as a resultant from the global crisis.

Various countries, from Australia to Ukraine to France. There is a certainty of a new stress that we need to survive without possibly having access to goods as we usually consume.

Businesses at every level of social interaction has had to control & limit interaction of human beings in a workspace as responsible citizenship in response to social restrictions & required social distancing. Small & medium size businesses have had to reboot how & possibly what they trade as business equity in this environment & so having to robustly adapt product & value to respond in innovation to the global impact of this human crisis point.

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