Upcycle and Risidale Primary School send water to the Free State

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Upcycle has been working closely with the pupils and teachers of Risidale Primary School
helping collect water bottles, which in turn, will be filled and delivered to farms and
families, in the Freestate, in need of water in drought stricken areas.

As we try to prevent plastic bottles ending up in landfills we are always coming up with new
and innovative ways to use them. We usually create projects with the bottles. It's always a
good idea to teach people how to grow their own vegetables and herbs in the bottles, we also
do more creative work, where we turn bottles into flowers and even gift boxes.
There is always a huge excess of plastic bottles and this time we decided to help with water
collection and continue to make a difference for our fellow humans and our planet too! Every
PET plastic bottle that can be used, we rinsed them out and had them filled with water.

In case you were wondering .... This is what 35 trucks carrying 2 million litres of water
looks like. (We had managed to collect 500 bottles which were included on the trucks). Every
drop counts.


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Please visit the link bellow to get involved in saving our animals and helping our farmers! 


We continue collecting Pet bottles and you are more than welcome to drop any bottles with us for filling and distribution.

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Congratulations and well done to Risidale Primary. These are some of the bottles you collected.

Remember to keep collecting!






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