Great Expectations, eTV, where we show viewers how to upcycle with your children and have some fun

great expectations 1We have recorded an insert with Lebo from Great Expectations on how to make fridge magnet bugs from bottle tops. 

Fun and education was the name of the game, by teaching moms and their children how to have some crafting fun using upcycled waste from your own household waste stream.The idea was to have fun while using waste materials that can be found in household. 
Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are not just words to be thrown about, but actually signify the end of our instant gratification society. Reuse can be seen as 'upcycle', by making something new out of something old without going through the recycling process, which unfortunately does still pollute our atmosphere and soils and water especially if not done correctly.

bottletop bugs

completed ladybug

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