Community Resilience



Our extensive experience working in communities has enabled us to
establish and grow a network of community upcycling initiatives and projects.


We have actively trained communities in:

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Upcycle's core function is diverting waste from landfill by reinventing it into usable quality products.

This is a critical intervention for the preservation of our environment and affording dignity in the lives of our communities.









Waste is the primary source of our
crafting materials.

Not only does this help to clean up the environment and communities, it also lowers the cost of creating products;
therefore increasing the chance of a
successful venture






Initiatives and partnerships provide our upcycling communities with skills development opportunities;
ensuring the production of quality






Upcycle further supports our communities by providing
business mentorship, including marketing and product positioning.





Waste producers have the opportunity
to tap into the skills development and community upliftment outcomes by commissioning products for their
facilities, events or corporate gifts.





Our networks of enterprise
development programmes can
boost your corporate, social and environmental impacts.





The Upcycle Foundation is our platform for funding opportunities to broaden the reach of our community programs.






One of Upcycle's core activities is empowering communities
to earn incomes and protect the environment
by imparting our skills, knowledge and passion for Upcycling.  

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            Capacity Development
   Skills for the Green Economy
              Community Resilience
Training and development are critical to upholding our professional standards and producing good quality upcycled products. But training is about more than simply learning a skill or making products.

By equipping individuals and communities with appropriate skills and market knowledge we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to transform knowledge into income generation opportunities and success.
  The socio economic realities of unemployment, poverty and environmental degradation in developing countries highlight the need for education, skills development and sustainable income generation. 

Empowering people to make a living, uplift their communities and their environment is an invaluable contribution to South Africa and it's people.
  Crafting is a skill traditionally passed down in families and communities; providing livelihood opportunities.  Sadly these skills are being lost as mass produced consumer goods overtake the marketplace.

Upcycle serves to bring these skills and traditions back whilst enabling innovative use of waste products to produce a unique and valuable product offering. 
 Economic Opportunities    Green Credentials
Tap Into Economic Opportunities
Improve Your Green & Social Credentials

The upcycling industry holds exceptional potential for previously disadvantaged communities and individuals with low incomes or skills gaps to cost effectively start a business.

The huge international and local demand for handmade crafts and green goods absolutely justifies investment into upcycle training.

  Investing in upcycle training reduces your organizations environmental footprint and involves communities in creating solutions to environmental problems.

Our training programs have far reach and are inclusive of the unemployed, youth, elderly and people with disabilities. 



"Training empowers our communities
to develop a range of products
from various waste streams
that enable income

- Winnie Mc Henry
Upcycle Founder & Director



By taping into and adding value to this cycle
waste producers,  waste producers, corporates and individuals
can assist us in making these
projects truly sustainable.



Contact us today for more information on how you can support our communities in promoting the circular economy.

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