Upcycle Sewing Trainer and Centre Manager
Sibongile Shabalala 


Set Up Her Own Upcycle Training and Manufacturing Centre in Krugersdorp, Johannessburg.



Bongi learnt to sew using a hand machine as young gilr at home,
and found her passion for sewing through joining Upcycle.


 Her vision is to
serve her community by
providing income opportunities
through upcycle skills development.



 sewing icon  Community dev

The centre focuses on sewing and
supports the Upcycle Zero Waste Store
by manufacturing orders commissioned
by its corporate clients or
waste diversion initiatives.

The store supports the community
bringing in business and

skills development opportunities. 








The centre has
been commissioned
by Upcycle's clients
and the Zero Waste Store 
to make a variety of
fabric products including
face masks,bags &
personal care items. 











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According to Bongi, her favourite thing is making bags.


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Bongi believes that by teaching people sewing skills,
she can help them earn incomes and
make a difference in their lives.






The Centre In Swaneville Currently Supports 3 Aspiring Upcyclers.


But Sibongille has Ambitious Goals for the Centre.



She Wants to Expand
So She Can Train More Waste Entrepreneurs
and Provide More Incomes
for Her Community.





To do this, more equipment such as industrial sewing machines and overlockers are needed.


For information on how you can support communities like this one contact us or visit the The Upcycle Foundation 




Economy GreenCircular


Corporates have a unique opportunity to
tap into this circular economy
by commissioning products for corporate gifts
or supporting training programs
through waste response
and corporate responsibility initiatives.


Contributing to these initiatives can assist you in reaching your SED and CSR goals.







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