Upcycle evening workshops

Keen on crafts? want to learn to upcycle? We are running an Upcycle course that will cover all types of waste but will teach you a variety of crafting skills including, sewing, crochet, needlework, mosaic, decoupage, woodwork, glass cutting and lots more.

Upcycle was born from our need as creative individuals to generate usable and useful items from the things that surround us. This is to improve the lives of the people on this planet. The amount of junk thrown away each day provided us with tons of raw materials. It wasn't long before we found that we could manufacture pretty much anything from "junk", from large format art installations, to gift boxes etc... – The list is truly endless!

We would like to share some of these skills with you and help grow the creativity and artist within you.

This course takes you from the basics of crafting to a detailed upcycled crafter with the ability to use a great variety of craft techniques and apply them in various ways for excellent product results!

We all have the ability to create and have this great need to make a difference in some way to the greater good of mankind and the planet. A lot of us feel that creativity has abandoned us and as we get older we will never be able to think of any new ideas or have no inspiration at all!

Upcycle has put together a creative building blocks course to increase your creativity and your ability to think out of the box! As we take you through the basics of each craft and build your confidence in your ability you will become much more creative and we can then take your crafting skills to the next level!!! Creativity is all in the playing, having fun and looking at things in a completely different way!! Our upcycle course is designed to do just that! After all who would of thought that making chandeliers was easy, beautiful and from WASTE?

Our goal is to upskill you and give you new and interesting ideas on how to create a business from waste, how to make the most beautiful décor for your home and gifts for your friends!!

Course options 

Evening classes

Duration: 3 months
The course will be run over 24 evenings.

When:The first class starts on Tuesday evening, September (13th) and will run weekly in the evenings.
This course is designed to run for 24 sessions, regrettably no add hock attendance can be accommodated

Time 6:30 till 9pm

Materials and tools needed: All tools for use during the class will be provided and details of where to purchase such will be provided.
The materials we will use will mostly be waste, we will be happy for you to bring with you if you have but we will supply if needed.
Venue: Roosevelt park (TBC)

Cost: R175 per person per week


Booking is essential
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your space.
Or call 082 780 3673

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