Research and Development (R&D)

The spectrum of research and development (R&D) at Upcycle is vast and interchangeable as the focus is at one stage or the other, either on product or situation and ultimately both as they are interdependent.

Continuous prototyping of innovation regarding solutions to your waste stream is within the design thinking fabric of the team of artists and designers of Upcycle Creative. The strength of the Upcycle R&D team is embedded in the diversity of individual and collective representation and experiences.

Upcycle Creative have created a variety of new valuable products from an extended range of waste that would usually make landfill. Each company’s waste stream solution response is different, and the responses are crafted to each situation too.

Our approach to R&D is as unique as is the encompassing philosophy at Upcycle as to how we regard waste product. Our unique philosophy is that all waste has value and it is when we prototype solutions to your waste footprint, that we engage the social value and impact of community training on upcycled products.

The diversity of the new valuable products that come out of the Upcycle R&D process is as diverse as the identities of the people in training in community development projects activated across South Africa.

Our responses to waste and product are specific and contribute to the bigger picture of your CSI or SED initiatives. (see Alternative Waste Solutions)

More critical is that your investment is twofold, firstly an applied solution to your waste product avoiding landfill by being ‘upcycled’ and that your investment sustains the livelihoods and dignity of people trained in the Upcycle community projects that exist.

Our consultative R&D experience is evident in current projects that are driven by the active communities set up by Upcycle.

We invite you to take a look at our communities in action and the upcycled products being produced as response solutions to extensive waste materials and company specific needs.

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