Upcycle Creative has handled debranding processes for corporate companies as a direct response to their waste solution and in so making sure that branded excess product avoids landfill. 

There are usually so many branded products that are in excess at any given time, that because of the branding rights and protection of brands, these excess branded products go straight to landfill.

Branded products have established brand rights creating sensitivity in how they are handled for disposal. Companies have to be aware of how to dispose of damaged, recalled, or over-produced product as it follows regulatory compliance regarding brand protection rights.

Upcycle Creative has been handling customised response waste solutions for corporate gifting companies that have a variety of branded products. The diverse branding application on various products need different debranding processes known as sanitisation.

The R&D handling side of Upcycle Creative innovation lab has managed to tweak the various processes of debranding on diverse products, and so too have established unique solutions to many branded products. (see Upcycle Creative R&D)

Upcycle Creative’s business unit has a value chain of processes that stems from the client’s unique response solution and regard of strict sanitisation adherence.

Firstly, we consult on what the client requires in sanitisation for varied and specific products. The next step is to engage our diverse R&D team of designers and artists to process solutions to each product and prototype this process. 

Our prototyping of each product provides process specifications to implement in the training of people for the development of new, debranded and sanitised product that is to be taken to market as a unique, upcycled product. The R&D team also includes identification of and how we support and market the product to create a return of income that in part will recoup the costs for the development process where possible.

For example, new excess high-quality jackets that require the debranding sanitisation process for branding attached onto the jackets, will first go through our contained R&D space. This is where the designers will decide if a panel with embroidered branding can be removed and sent to the sewing community initiative to patch in a new panel to complete a new jacket without branding.

The R&D lab is where labels are removed, and sanitisation processes are followed. After the jackets come out of the R&D innovation lab, they will be sent, debranded and sanitised, to the specific trained initiatives for upcycling into unbranded products.

Upcycle Creative also handles the destruction process of branded products that cannot be debranded and the creation of a totally new product that stems from the upcycling of the original. 

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