Galery of masks and buffs donated to date:

72 Buffs
281 Masks

Linden police station 80 Masks 17/04/2020

Nosh food rescue  40 masks 17 /04/2020

Random donation to people not wearing masks 40 Buffs - 16 April 2020
random donations

Nurse Gayle 10 masks and 12 buffs - 15 April 2020
Nurse Gayle

Linden police station 20 masks - 14 April 2020

Linden police station

Doctor Roger Wolfson ... 30 Buffs for his patients at JHB Gen.

JHB Gen Drjpeg

Baragwanath Hospital ICU unit x 15 maks
JHB General ICU unit  x 116 Masks


facebook comment 2 October 2015

If you don't believe in Angels, then you haven't met Winnie McHenry. Winnie and I crossed paths when I was looking to donate my bags of fabric offcuts, to an organisation, to avoid them ending up in a landfill. It's not easy controlling my carbon footprint in my industry, and the amount of bags we generate is particularly worrying. 

Winnie is the owner of an amazing initiative called Upcycle Winnie. She will take your trash, teach skills to people, and they will turn your trash into something amazing, like these gorgeous Teddy Bears, made out of Hayley Joy offcuts.
I am so flattered to be a part of this upliftment chain. Working with Winnie, has taught HJ so much about the 'bigger picture'.
I have taken delivery of my first range of Teddies. They are for sale at R150, and all proceeds will go back to Winnie and the community who are so lovingly producing the Bears.
Empowering families via our fabric offcuts, is something I'm extremely proud of. It's an important part of my entrepreneurial dream.
Winnie -

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