The giving back bag

The Giving Back Bag is made from waste materials, produced by community and supplied to stores with their chosen personal brand stamped onto the material. The print is handmade using lino block prints.

Upcycle Creative receives donated waste fabrics from many CMT companies within South Africa. We design and prototype marketable products from this waste, while teaching members of local communities how to manufacture our products.

 The Giving Back Bag is a durable material shopping bag branded specifically for each individual retailer and purchased from them by their environment-conscious shoppers.

The bag is trendy and cost-effective, enabling consumers to assist in reducing the need for plastic packaging by taken it along on shopping excursions.

The retail outlets that stock the bags will not incur any costs for these brand-personalised Giving Back Bags. An added bonus of selling these bags would be the reputation gained as an environmentally friendly store which, in this day and age, can only help to grow their brand.

There is a huge market potential in this product as it is an environment-conscious product that uplifts community and provides marketing and advertising to retailers, while also providing a solution to consumers who are conscious about their impact on the environment. Customers tend to be extremely loyal to sustainable brands and are generally very happy to purchase products that place them in a “green” category whilst also promoting the stores they shop at.

Whilst being conscious of their purchases and promoting the “green” brand of their choosing, consumers will also be comfortable with the assurance that the Giving Back Bag is produced in South Africa and is giving back to local communities by generating incomes for low income households by creating employment opportunities where previously there were none

Upcycle Creative is already training two communities in how to make the Giving Back Bags and is providing production materials to them.

By developing opportunities using waste, the objective of Upcycle Creative is to reduce the impact that this waste has on the environment by assisting the manufacturing industry to divert it from landfills into sustainable, environment and community-friendly projects.

Upcycle Creative intends to eliminate the use of plastic and brown paper bags in all stores that have a customer base loyal to their brand in South Africa.

By assisting industry to reduce its waste streams, the impact of this project will help to instil a greener mindset in our consumers and provide them with more worthwhile options for their money.

The Giving Back Bag project is intended to roll out in all stores on South Africa that have clients loyal to their brand.

It is our intention to assist the manufacturing industry in diverting its waste from landfills by developing alternative opportunities incorporating the waste.

In creating a trendy and functional bag that everyone wants to be seen using, Upcycle Creative intends to assist in reducing the impact of plastic on the environment, whilst also helping to create a culture where taking a branded bag out when shopping becomes a norm as opposed to an exception.

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the giving back bag

facebook comment 2 October 2015

If you don't believe in Angels, then you haven't met Winnie McHenry. Winnie and I crossed paths when I was looking to donate my bags of fabric offcuts, to an organisation, to avoid them ending up in a landfill. It's not easy controlling my carbon footprint in my industry, and the amount of bags we generate is particularly worrying. 

Winnie is the owner of an amazing initiative called Upcycle Winnie. She will take your trash, teach skills to people, and they will turn your trash into something amazing, like these gorgeous Teddy Bears, made out of Hayley Joy offcuts.
I am so flattered to be a part of this upliftment chain. Working with Winnie, has taught HJ so much about the 'bigger picture'.
I have taken delivery of my first range of Teddies. They are for sale at R150, and all proceeds will go back to Winnie and the community who are so lovingly producing the Bears.
Empowering families via our fabric offcuts, is something I'm extremely proud of. It's an important part of my entrepreneurial dream.
Winnie -

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