Glass Work

Glass is undeniably one of the most durable & beautiful materials that we have access to.

Through Upcycle Creative’s vision of creating new valuable products form access to waste stream, the glass work lab has produced some of the most beautiful new products by upcycling glass.

Light fittings, lamps, chandeliers, mobiles, glass tumblers, wine glasses, bowls, candle holders, vases, planters and more have been made from a range of recycled wine and champagne bottles, jars, and containers.

Techniques like sandblasting or dremelling have been used to create corporate logos and add design elements to commissions.

An example of a corporate green investment project for the glass work initiative is Investec commissioning 5000 upcycled glass tumblers to be used in their canteen.

The project included the process of the Investec agents assisting in sourcing 5000 recycled wine bottles which placed them into the process of this green investment. The recycled wine bottles were then hand cut into glasses and sandblasted with Investec’s logo.

The inclusiveness of this kind of project investment is that it directly involves the community glass work initiative that is established under the Upcycle Creative innovation lab. The glass work initiative of developing new valuable glass products by upcycling recycled glass, creates an income stream from waste that sustains the continued empowerment of individuals that are active in this initiative.

The R&D innovation lab of Upcycle Creative continuously trains individuals in the various disciplines of product development for delivery of high-quality finishes and input of design thinking creative vision on products. A variety of finishes have been incorporated into a vast product line that include sandblasting, dremelling, ceramic paint or glass stain. Creativity with glass has no ceiling.

When you decide to invest in the Upcycle glass work initiative, you are investing in the socio-economic development of people actively making products and minimising your environmental footprint all in one.

We invite you to consult us on how your brand can make a difference and stand out in the crowd.

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