Paper Products

Upcycled product made from paper is one of our integral training and development initiatives of socio-economic development for community training that has changed the lives of varied disadvantaged individuals through this programme, by creating a stream of income from waste that is readily available. This means that upcycled new valuable products from paper has provided individuals in these communities a product business without having to lay out capital.

The reach of this initiative has changed the lives of people with disabilities in a community in Alexandra. (see Upcycle in Alexandra article)

Another critical intervention through the training and development initiatives is the design thinking application that is so necessary in responses to solutions needed in this age.

Upcycle Creative did a training workshop with participants from the “Yes 4 Youth” initiative at Lefika La Phodiso training centre based at the Children’s Memorial Institute on Constitution Hill in Jhb. Upcycle Creative’s focus on training with the youth was to make beads for jewellery from paper. (see Upcycle training at Lefika La Phodiso article)

Upcycling paper into new valuable products has not only uplifted communities but has looped intervention within the corporate world too.

As we progressively move into a full encompassing digital society, paper should become redundant, but this is not the case. However, there is so much paper that adds to waste and so will end up in landfill.

It is because of this fact and this decade of robust reinvention and innovation that all of us have started a new appreciation of paper being upcycled into valuable new products that we would not have considered before.

Corporates have an obligation to shareholders and staff to report on progress through annual reports, newsletters, and other printed materials but their responsibility is twofold as companies have to in their bottom line reporting include transformation with regard to social impact and their environmental footprint.  

Foresight and responsibility would be to ensure that these periodicals are recycled and reused.

An exemplary example is a commissioned project from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Winnie Mc Henry, founder of Upcycle was tasked with converting WWF annual reports into goodie bags. Upcycle Creative manufactured A4 and A3 goodie bags that were distributed to delegates attending a WWF conference.

We invite you to consult with us on how you can utilise your magazines, corporate annual reports and other periodicals and educate a community in upcycling and offset you carbon footprint.

We could set up a training programme within your direct community or sustain communities already established and trained in the art of Upcycle.

Products that are made from upcycled paper vary from gift bags, recycled notebooks, desktop notebook holders, jewellery and many more.


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