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As paper is one of the easiest sources of waste freely available to the unemployed and communities in need of extra income, Upcycle have created a few very effective corporate gifts and ideas to make with waste paper. The objective is to take these ideas into our communities and teach them how to make these green products enabling them to be the main source of supply to corporates when needing to go green and use up their waste paper.

The idea has great merit as each corporate gift purchased reduces the need to purchase newly manufactured products and the corporate in need of gifts can rest assured that these gifts reduce their carbon footprint. Not only are these gifts green, eco-friendly and funky, they fill a need in the market where many South Africans find themselves unemployed or in need of generating a small additional income to support their families.

Some of the products made by our community projects include Gift Bags and Recycled Notebooks as well as Jewelry and Desk Notepad Holders. We have developed a training program that can be taken to any community, which we teach, so that corporates can take on a Social Project of their own and make a greater difference to our economic struggle, as they go green, prosper and sleep better knowing they are changing the way we view our planet and the people on it.

The World wildlife fund is one of the first companies in support of Upcycle’s drive to make a difference and have ordered conference and gift bags from our project.

World Wildlife Fund Recycled Annual Report Goodie Bag Project.

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We are all becoming more aware of the impact we are making on the planet and many of us are already taking steps to mitigate the damage. One small contribution is moving toward a paperless society. The most popular upsell to computer sales is a printer, and paper mills are running at full steam to feed them. That said corporates, including the World Wildlife Fund, have an obligation to shareholders and staff to report on progress through annual reports, newsletters and other printed materials.  

Foresight and responsibility would be to ensure that these periodicals are recycled and reused. And, with that in mind, Winnie McHenry of Upcycle was tasked with converting WWF annual reports into goodie bags, which in turn could be used at forthcoming conferences and events hosted by the WWF.

For Upcycle it turned out to be a fantastic project. After planning and deliberation, two prototype bags were constructed.  The first, a simple A4 goody bag, and the second, a much larger scale A3 bag, were fashioned from the pages of WWF reports.  Upcycle’s dedicated team then set about manufacturing small and large goodie bags which were then distributed to delegates attending a recent WWF conference.

What a difference a small idea can make!


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Let us help you

Upcycle are able to take your waste paper, magazines, calanders, or any other from of paper and create a corporate gift for you that says, “We are going green and making the change!’’

Contact us for help in setting up a training program for your community or order some gifts from us to help support the few communities already established and trained in the art of Upcycle!



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