complete wine bottleUpcycle have some awesome ideas on how to Upcycle your recycled glass using sandblasting as a medium and creating many different, yet beautiful glass pieces to brighten up your home, restaurant or office.

Recycling is certainly becoming part of our daily lives, finally. There has been a noticeable focus placed on recycling glass bottles, jars and containers. Whilst some bottles have a monetary value, most unfortunately don’t, except for the meagre offerings paid out to those green enough to take their glass to recycling companies. Due to the lack of incentive for restaurant owners to repurpose their glass, Upcycle approached several establishments to set up a collection systems for all their used bottles. We have literally hundreds of bottles, in all shapes and sizes, glass containers and jars included; Upcycle came up with many different possibilities of creating fine-looking upcycled pieces. These pieces have been made more dramatic using sandblasting as a medium to decorate and enhance them.

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the finished productsStep by step instructions showing how to Upcycle an old unwanted light bulb into beautiful Upcycled mini hot air balloons.

Upcycle turns the lights back on!

Upcycle, run by Winnie McHenry and her team, have done wonders with their recycling knowledge.  You wouldn’t expect to have a use for old light bulbs, but after receiving a brief to create a corporate 3D invatation for an “Around the world in 80 days” year end finction, Winnie turned used bulbs into the most amazing mini Hot Air balloon to dazzle and inspire guests.

In a simple process, the light bulbs were coated with colourful streamers using an découpage technique and voila, a useless light bulb was transformed into a colourful base to work from.  Adding a little paint some string and a few extra touches and each light bulb was transformed into a mini Hot Air Balloon.

String was then fashioned into a basket by way of winding string around a suitably sized mould, gluing it and letting the whole thing set.

Trying this at home, you can add fantastic detail by using beads, coloured string, gold or silver chains and paint to decorate bulbs to your desired look

Your balloons will be fantastic as invitations, party decoration, Christmas tree ornaments and, no doubt, plenty of occasions we haven't mentioned.

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Step by step instructions showing how to Upcycle a nescafe coffee bottle and make your own beautiful Upcycled vase.

This is a wonderful project for the holidays to keep the kids entertained, but if you are an avid upcycler this is a project for anytime and anyone. If you are not an coffee drinker we are sure at least one of your friends are and you can ask them to keep the bottles for you, this has the side of creating yet another upcycler out there. needs

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