dremel small jarStep by step instructions showing how to recycle a glass jar and make your own beautiful Upcycled Dremeled Glass Jar.

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There are a wide number of uses for your Dremel rotary tool. This is a great craft to put your Dremel rotary tool to good use, use it to recycle and decorate an old glass jar. Follow our easy step by step instructions and see how easy it is to make your own upcycled Dremeled Glass Jar!

You will start by washing out and drying that old glass jar. Ensure that it is clean and that you have all your tools and materials at your work station to begin.


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bottle edge 2

Upcycled idea for using unwanted beer bottles.

Unwanted beer bottles turned into bed trimmings for your herb garden. Effective strong and durable edging that looks great, durable and can give your flower bed the height it needs for mulching.