Picture of completed corrugated metal plantersProminent roof paint , corrugated metal sheeting, plant holder


I found some old bits of corrugated metal sheeting that just look like they want to be upcycled into something fabulous. They were not big enough to do any roofing-type projects so I needed to think outside the box on this one.

As it was Spring and the planting and digging in the mud bug bit me, I thought it might be a good idea to make myself some beautiful new planter holders and give everything a little Spring feel!


Prominent Paints have now made it possible to have Prominent Roof Paint tinted to basically any colour that you want. This facility is available from 1L quantities upwards, meaning it can be done for all your small projects, so that you don’t have to spend extra and have litres of paint left over afterwards!


shabby chic corrugated roof sheet planters

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tin can bird house background
Step by step showing how to Upcycle old coffee tin cans and broken crockery into a beautiful bird house 

Summer is fast approaching and the birds are returning after a long winter away. What better surprise to welcome them back into your garden than with a treat? This excellent spring craft, a beautiful recycled bird house made from recycled tin cans and old or broken crockery, is perfect to make with the kids. Not only will your children enjoy this craft, they'll love watching all the birds fly into your garden for a snack.

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tin can keyringsStep by Step for Tin Can Key Rings

Other than providing a convenient vessel for your carbonated beverages so that they don't go completely flat, aluminium cans are also quite useful for a number of other things once they're completely empty.

If you tend to drink a lot of cold drink, chances are you have a lot of cans lying around the house. Even if you typically recycle those cans for cash, there are things that you can do with empty cans that are even better than getting a few pennies for them at the recycling centre.

From gifts to wonderful home décor, we will make you wonder why you ever threw them out in the first place. There are earrings, wind chimes, and even bracelets, and your friends and family will never know that you’ve made these out of recycled cans.

The best part is that these are all easy to do projects that are so much fun and will make you look forward to emptying out that next fridge pack of cold drinks, just so you can start another project.

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