metal drum plants upcycle bkgrndStep by step instructions showing how to make your own upcycled vertical garden from old
255ltr drum.

This is not as very easy project as it requires the use of power tools as well as physical
effort to panel beat the drum into the required shape. Though you can purchase plastic
versions of this concept but we prefer to try use waste products to make our vertical garden.
What is unique about this system of vertical garden is the pipe in the centre of the drum;
this is where you put your bokashi compost in when you have done making the tea. The compost
will now break down and feed the plants in the drum.

Notes of experience:

* When making the vertical pipe try use a large coffee tin rather than a jam can and make sure
you make big holes in the tin to allow worms to enter and exit the tins, this helps with the
distribution of minerals and nutrients thought the drum.
** Once you have cut the slots in the bottom of the drum put in a layer of stone of clinker
(broken rubble) to prevent the holes from clogging the drainage of the drum.

For more information or help with making your vertical garden contact: Winnie


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finished resin bottletopStep by step project showing how to make your own upcycled bottle resin magnet.

For further information please contact: Winnie

This is a fantastic way to make use of your bottle tops – which would otherwise be thrown away! You can recyle them into something fun by making small pictures and creating miniature collections.

You could even start a whole collection and go the extra step by adding a magnet to the back turning it into a beautiful, upcycled fridge magnets!

Although small, every bit of upcycling we do does make a difference, and these bottle tops are no exception.

This is a great way to reuse something and have fun at the same time. Follow our easy step by step instructions to see how to make your bottle top picture frames.

complete recycled resin bottletop

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Step by step project showing how to make your own upcycled fridge magnet bugs

For more information please contact: Winnie


What a creative way to reuse and recycle old bottle tops, create cute, handmade upcycled fridge magnets for your home! Although small do not let that bug you as one you make you are make you are making a huge difference to our children and the planet, these cute little bottle tops bugs are no exception.

This is a fun way to brighten up any fridge, or any surface that you can stick a magnet on, while teaching kids about recycling and at the same time giving them a new skill.

Better still why not just bug your entire house !

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