What you need to make upcycled bottle top fridge magnets: 

Rinsed bottle tops from soft drink or beer bottles
Small magnets, to fit in the back of the bottle top
Black acrylic paint & red spray paint
Small paintbrush
Wire & wire cutters
Permanent marker
Glue gun

Step 1

Make sure all your bottle tops are rinsed and dry, and ready to be upcycled.
bottle tops

Step 2

Now take your dry bottle tops and give them a coat of paint, you can go the extra step by giving them a base coat but this is not strictly necessary for a kids project.
If you were going to make a lady bug, as in this project, you would start by painting a bottle top red.
When working with paint and kids make sure you use a nontoxic acrylic paint, always check the manufactures info on the container in particularly with spray paint. By default we do not advocate the use of spray paints as the propellant that is used in the cans is often not environmentally friendly not is the pain in the can, again check the manufactures info on the side of the product. Also remember that most cans are oil passed paints and you cannot readily cover oil paints with acrylic paints.
paint bottletop

Step 3

After letting the base coat of acrylic paint dry, use an pencil to lightly outline the wings for the ladybird design, the head and wings. Once happy, select a fine paint brush paint brush and carefully in black paint over the lines you have drawn. You can now add the dots to give your lady bug her distinctive markings. If you are not too confident with the brush, a great way to cheat this is by simply using a black permanent marker to fill in the detail.
mark design

Step 4

How exciting! We are nearly there... What we need now are legs for the ladybird. Using your wire cutters, cut 6 lengths of wire about 10cm long.
wire pliers

Step 5

Take a single length and place it over the back of the bottle cap, with the centre roughly in the centre of the cap. Using your thumb, push the wire down. Using your other hand, push the wire back out over the cap to the top, while still holding the centre with your thumb. If looking at the cap from the side, you should have bent the wire (coming from underneath) to a 2 o' clock position. Use your needle nose pliers to bend the wire again about 1m from the first bend, to bring it back down, to the 5 o' clock position. Now use the pliers to bend the end out to a 3 o' clock position, about 1cm from the second bend.
cut wire with plierswire legs

Step 6

After creating six sets of legs as above, for the ladybird, you are ready to secure them in place. Switch on the glue gun and allow to heat. Place your bottle top upside down on your working surface.

Step 7

Once the glue gun is hot, place a dollop of glue to the centre of the inside of the cap. Now, carefully and quickly position each leg. First put the centre leg which will lie across the centre line (9 o'clock to 3 o'clock) of the cap. The next leg will diagonally lay over the first, from 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock. The next and final leg will lay over both one and two, on the line from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock. Once all the legs are in place, place another dollop of glue on top and place the magnet on top to secure in place. Allow to cool.
glue legs

Step 8

Turn your bottle cap over and Voila! Well done, you have very easily and very simply, created something fun for your fridge and you have taken a small step towards recycling something that could have ended up in the trash.
completed lady bug

Step 9

With your upcycled ladybug complete, it is time to make a whole family of bugs. Here are some ideas to get you started.bottletop bugs


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