What you need to make your recycled tin can bird house:

• Big tin
• Enamel spray paint
• Epoxy glue
• Rubber tubing
• Pliers
• Metal spike
• Hammer
• Bottle top
• Old ceramic saucer
• Ceramic lid
• Craft knife
• Dowel stick

Step 1

Make sure all your tin cans are clean, rinsed and dry, and ready to be upcycled. Do the same with the ceramic plate and lid as well as the tubing.

tin can bird house 1tin can bird house 2

Step 2

Take your tin can onto the grass or wherever you are able to spray-paint without painting something else, and spray-paint your tin.

tin can bird house 3

Step 3

It’s a good idea to stand it on another smaller tin so that you can spray all the way around the tin and you won’t get your hands sprayed.

tin can bird house 4

Step 4

Remove any labels that you have on your tin or they will come off later and look tacky.

tin can bird house 5

Step 5

Once it is completely painted, take your hammer and nail, place your nail a little higher than the middle of the tin so you can create the hole for the birds to go into to nest. We are making a small hole with a nail to start with so you can get your pliers into it. Hammer the nail into the tin and then pull the nail out.

tin can bird house 6

Step 6

Insert the tip of you pliers into the hole and cut the tin open as in the image.

tin can bird house 7tin can bird house 8

Step 7

With your pliers roll the bits of metal in so that you fold away the sharp edges and have something for the tubing to hold onto.

tin can bird house 9tin can bird house 10

Step 8

You should be able to test with your finger to make sure there are no really sharp edges.

tin can bird house 11tin can bird house 12

Step 9

Take your rubber pipe and measure around the circle to get a measurement of how long it needs to be.

tin can bird house 13

Step 10

Using your box cutter, cut the plastic pipe to where you measured it and cut a slit it along the length of the pipe.

tin can bird house 14tin can bird house 15

Step 11

You should be able to open the plastic pipe up and gently insert it around the folded metal.

tin can bird house 16tin can bird house 17tin can bird house 18

Step 12

With your nail, make a smaller hole below the big one, this will allow you to put your rubber coated dowel stick in.

tin can bird house 19tin can bird house 20

Step 13

Cut another piece of pipe the length of the dowel stick you are going to use and put it around the dell stick, and then put the dowel stick into the hole.

tin can bird house 21tin can bird house 22

Step 14

Use the epoxy glue put one line of the one part on a piece of wood or anything you can throw away after And then put the other half next to the other one with the same amount of glue, mix the two glues together.

tin can bird house 23tin can bird house 24tin can bird house 25

Step 15

Carefully put glue all the way around the bottom of the tin and place the tin and the saucer.

tin can bird house 26tin can bird house 27

Step 16

Put your glue around the top of the tin and place the ceramic lid onto the top of it.

tin can bird house 28

Step 17

Using the bottle top, stick on your house number and your house is ready for some birds to move into.

tin can bird house 29tin can bird house 30

tin can bird house background

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