What you need to make a recycled book lampshade:

• Old book
• Masonite square
• Cold glue
• Small recycled piece of mirror
• Jigsaw
• LED lights x4
• Wire
• Soldering iron
• Solder wire
• Marker
• Working surface
• Sheets of paper (optional)
• Working surface

Read through all the instructions first before starting this beautiful recycling craft.

Step 1

To being this project, open your book and start at the front. Take the very first page, and bring the outer edge into the
middle, folding it in half.

booklamp foldstep 1booklamp foldstep 2

Step 2

Now you want to fold the next page into a triangle. You will do this by taking both the top and bottom corners towards
each other and towards the centre of the book. This will create a triangle shape with the point extending towards the
outside of the book.

booklamp foldstep 3booklamp foldstep 4

Step 3

Turn the triangular page over, and then do another straight fold down the centre of the next page. Keep going, alternating the pages between a straight fold and a triangular fold.

booklamp foldstep 5

Step 4

(After making a few of these lamps, we actually now find it easier to cut the circle out first, before folding any of the

Once you have folded every page in the old book, close the book and mark out a semi-circle starting from the spine. Once
you are happy with the shape of the semi-circle, use your jigsaw to cut along and remove the semi-circle. This is to
create a space where we can mount our lighting.

booklamp foldstep 6booklamp foldstep 7booklamp foldstep 8

Step 5

Fold the outside covers of the book in half, as you did with the first page. Place the book on your Masonite square, and
then mark it to size, the open size of the book should be the same as that of the Masonite board. Trim off the excess
Masonite board using your jigsaw if need be.

booklamp foldstep 9booklamp foldstep 10

Step 6

Place the book on the Masonite square, and then trace the circle onto the board. Then draw another circle approximately
5mm in. The inner circle is where we will be placing our mirror, and the larger circle is to allow some room for the
wiring on our LEDs.

booklamp foldstep 11booklamp foldstep 12

Step 7

Now we need to get our LED lights ready. Take your LEDs and spread the legs slightly apart.5.

booklamp foldstep 13

Step 8

Bend the legs of the LEDs so that they are almost at a right angle to the head of the LED itself, and then bend the last 3 - 4mm of the leg at a right angle again.

booklamp foldstep 14

Step 9

Check the polarity of the LEDs so each one is set + to – (looking inside the LED you will see a bigger side, the positive
+, and a smaller side which is the negative -). Place them in sequence, ensuring that they follow the pattern or they will not work. Using four LEDs in this manner will make up a 12V circuit. Shift the LEDs to one side of your work surface.

Step 10

Now we need to stick our mirror down in the centre. Squeeze some glue onto the inner circle, and then place the mirror
pieces down. Before you press the corner pieces down, you need to work quickly to get the LEDs into place.

booklamp foldstep 15booklamp foldstep 16

Step 11

Before the glue dries, at each corner slide the legs of an LED underneath the mirror. Apply more glue if necessary.
Remember to make sure that you set each LED light in sequence, positive to negative (+ to -).

booklamp foldstep 18booklamp foldstep 19

Step 12

Leave to dry for 2 - 3hrs, and then bend the head of the LED down to face the mirror.

Using a soldering iron, solder a long length of wire to the first leg on your first LED. Then solder a short piece of wire from the second leg of the first LED, to the first leg of the second LED. Repeat this process until the LEDs are all
joined together in sequence, positive to negative.

booklamp foldstep 20

Step 13

Once you have soldered the LEDs together using short lengths of wire, solder another long length of wire to the last leg
of your last LED.

Make sure the shorter wires that join the LEDs are all within the traced circle, and that the longer wires go down the
centre of the board where the spine of the book will be. Use glue to hold it in place if necessary.

booklamp foldstep 21booklamp foldstep 22

Step 14

Now squeeze glue over the remaining sections of the Masonite board.

booklamp foldstep 23

Step 15

Carefully line up the one half on the book and press it into place on the Masonite board. Then open the book, and
carefully glue down the other side, pressing out any excess glue.

booklamp foldstep 24

Step 16

Leave it to dry. If you need to, you can always place a heavy book on the inside covers of the glued down book to press it onto the board while the glue dries.

Step 17

Once the glue is dry, take a look at the book. If the lamp doesn't stand on its own and the front looks a bit empty, you
can bulk this out and add volume by cutting rectangular strips of paper and inserting them between each page.

booklamp foldstep 25booklamp foldstep 26

Step 18

Taking a 12 volt 200mA power supply, test the LEDs to ensure you have soldered them correctly. If you are not sure of the
polarity when you test and the LEDs do not light up, then swap the wires around from your power supply and they should now light it up.

booklamp foldstep 29booklamp foldstep 30

Step 19

If your LEDs light up, then all that's left to do is find the perfect spot for your recycled, upcycled book lamp!

booklamp foldstep backgroundbooklamp foldstep background 4booklamp foldstep background 2

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