What you will need:

• Milk bottles
• Flower designs
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Pencil
• 3mm Supawood board
• Red PVA paint
• Paintbrush
• Glue gun

Step 1

Use your craft knife to cut the recycled milk bottles: You will need to cut each milk bottle
twice, going right around the bottle.

The first cut should go around the bottom (approx. 3cm from the base) and the second cut just
lower than the handle. You should be left with a very thick centre piece of the plastic milk
bottle, which should be approx. 10cm in width. The easiest is to first make a small hole using
a craft knife and then insert the scissors and snip it all the way around.

milk bottle heart 01milk bottle heart 02

Step 2

Once you have cut out a whole bunch of central strips from your milk bottles, cut these once
across the width in a straight line so that you have thick strips of recycled plastic, instead
of ovals.

milk bottle heart 03milk bottle heart 02 3

Step 3

Find a selection of flower and petal designs. Find a few different designs with various petal
structures and cut a few sizes of each using a scissors. You can copy flower designs from a
kids' colouring-in book, or you could even draw your own basic designs.

milk bottle heart 04

Step 4

Trace these designs onto your milk bottle strips. You will need a lot of cut-out flower shapes
- we are going to stack these on top of each other to create a 3D flower, so aim for about 5
flower cut-outs per 3D flower for the recycled milk bottle flower heart.

milk bottle heart 05milk bottle heart 06milk bottle heart 07milk bottle heart 08

Step 5

Once you have cut out a whole bunch of flower designs from your milk bottles, mix and match
them, one on top of the other to create a raised, 3D flower. Use a hot glue gun to assemble
each flower. Repeat the process until you have many raised flowers.

milk bottle heart 2milk bottle heart 7milk bottle heart 6

Step 6

Paint the wooden board using your red paint PVA and paintbrush, and then leave to dry.

Step 7

Once the board is dry, using a pencil to very lightly draw the outline of the heart.

Step 8

Place your flowers around the edge of the pencilled heart. Using a glue gun, glue them into
place, making sure that none of the pencil outline is visible.

 milk bottle heart outline 1

Step 9

Once you have completed the outer edge of your heart, you can then fill in the inside of the
heart using your pre-made flowers and the glue gun. Try to cover all the red on the inside of
the heart so that the entire heart is a striking white.

milk bottle heart 1milk bottle heart 4

Step 10

Once the entire heart design is complete, the recycled flower heart is complete and ready to
make a statement at your wedding. As another idea, why not make this as a wedding gift for a
friend - the upcycled heart would make a stunning addition to any home!

milk bottle heart background

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