canvas planters backgroundStep by step project on how to make your own used vinyl planter

A straight forward sewing project on how to make your own vinyl pot planters from scrap vinyl and without using a tape measure. These planters are durable and long lasting and can transform any boring plastic pot into a trendy planter if you do not want to plant directly into the bag.

the source material that we have used in this project was from a pull up banner that you see many corporate use for advertising in indoor areas and events. you can also use the banner that they use for the massive adverts that we all see on the side of the road.

The basic composition of PVC (Polly vinyl chloride) makes these planters exceptionally durable and resistant to dirt, waster and UV if you deiced to use them outside. 

A lot of people plant directly into the bag but you can also use the bad as a liner that can go over any exiting plastic pots you may have. 

Another option is to make the bag the same size as a 2l cold drink bottle and then use the bottle as the planter and then the vinyl as a external cover. 

A final option is to make the bag the size of the 2l bottle so that you can cut the top of the bottle off and invert it over the seedling that you have in your planter as that it acts as a terrarium and help the baby plant in the early stages to stay mist.

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