Upcycle Recipe HolderStep by step instructions showing you how to make your own recycled bird feeder using Upcycled Ice Cream Sticks.

This is a fun craft to do, children will love getting their hands messy with this one, as well as being fun to make, it is eco-friendly and a fun Upcycling project for kids to learn from.
Kids could also spend the day collecting 'scrap' ice-cream sticks and clean their environment, but do remember to wash them off properly after collecting them, (the sticks, as well as your kid's hands). They cost next to nothing and oftentimes they come with a cold treat on the end.

It is also a great Mother's Day craft for kids to make. It is a craft suitable for four year olds and up. Follow our easy step by step instructions to make your own recycled bread holder.

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upcycled garden signsStep by step project showing you how to make your own upcycled garden signage using recycled wooden planks.

Old wooden planks, broken cupboards? There is so much wood lying around that can easily be recycled into something. With this upcycling craft we created a range of beautiful, handmade inspirational signs to put in the garden using wooden off-cuts a cabinet maker threw away. Follow our easy step by step instructions and make your own recycled garden signs!

Start your own small company by collecting wood and making signs, house number or post boxes for people. Most cabinet makers and kitchen fitment centers have stax of off cuts of wood you could collect from them for free!

These signs also make awesome corporate gifts and office sinage.

Click the read more below for the complete project. For more information or to discuss orders please contact Winnie

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You see them lying often discarded for weeks on the side of the road when the metal has been stolen from the centre of the cable drum. Well the sides and all the wood can really be useful of you can get permission to take the broken drum away. Some really effective ideas we have come up with a few of the drums we were given were as:
Tree house
cable drum treehouse

Cable drum benches
cable drum couch

Table tops 
cable drum tablecable drum tree table


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