View of the learners: week 2

The business world, for decades, has been characterised by profit and competition. Through this understanding, however, we have seen people and social issues less than prioritised for the sake of profit. In sustainable development, however, the human element is one of the pillars for operations. The triple bottom line clearly states that a responsible business should prioritise people and the planet in order to make profit.

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Upcycle: Zero waste to landfill learner-ship edition

As we entered through the gates of 174 Long Road Greymont, all bug eyed and anxious on the 11th of January 2021, we had no idea what was awaiting us. For most of us, up-cycling was no further than recycling and as such we thought we would be collecting trash and sending it to the appropriate place to be recycled. Little did we know that the very trash before our eyes would be the most valuable thing about this innovative and sustainable business. Learning about zero waste to landfill will shock anyone who comes across it for the first time, because this is where we realise how wasteful and irresponsible corporate structures can be.  

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