Team Building

Upcycle Creative presents uniquely crafted team building experiences that bring the green circular economy to life. The idea behind this unique team building is to bring emergence into the realities of waste management and environmental footprint and what social change through initiating projects looks like.

The Upcycle Creative team building also ignites the processes of design thinking through the experience. Team buildings primarily are to give inspiration to the overall vision and mission that will unify team members to deliver on their individual and collective purpose. Our unique team building further ignites passion into work ethic as we integrate a full experience of solution thinking and community innovation.

The Upcycle team building experience can be crafted to the outcome essentials that you require to ignite the passion in your team. 

In the core Upcycle Creative team building experience, we get your team involved in the process of upcycling, from solution thinking of waste material, to manufacturing and into community project activity.

There are so many aspects to manufacturing as an upcycler, from sorting out different material pieces for a product to engagement with the training and development of people in communities on product design and production. 

The team building experiences are extended to include the full aspects of waste distribution and management, and what it would mean to intercept waste on its way to landfill. 

The variance of this experience would be to facilitate community development projects. Your team could be part of a group that creates a garden for a community as a project that brings the group into direct knowledge of the community that they are to develop and with the challenges faced within this development. 

Alternatively, team building experiences can also include activities with children, people with disabilities and creating products that will enable communities to thrive. Every aspect of the Upcycle Creative team building is based in the fundamental application of design thinking to provide solutions to the robust environments that we find ourselves in.

Other examples of uniquely crafted Upcycle Creative team buildings include being part of exploring the cycles of recycling and waste management by going to a recycling centre or dump site to experience the realities that we usually don’t assign time to deliberate over. Your team can be assigned to make upcycled furniture, toys, or gardens to create, stemming from a session in our Research and Development (R&D) innovation hub. 

Each team building can be crafted into your unique experience!

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