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Upcycle products have revitalised how we see value in waste material. The Upcycle product is the final output of waste that has been through the regenerative Upcycle handling process and so has avoided land fill. Upcycle Creative continuously innovates the renewed usage of waste and has developed a variety of people in communities across South Africa by training them to create new value-added products.

It is because of companies truly engaging with their corporate social investment policies and actions that fulfil the greater shared value economy that upcycling propagates. The Upcycle creative team facilitates the full cycle of waste innovation through training, development, support, and marketing of the merchandise and so tying together the circular green economy with radical reform and impact to social accountability and environmental footprint.

The Upcycle shop has avoided tons of waste from making land fill. Humanity has evolved to a greater understanding of the cycle of all things and with regard to waste, we look through different eyes and redefine what we purchase and decisions that inform our buying power. We invite you to consider our Upcycle product catalogue knowing that your
investment of corporate gifts will sustain livelihoods and be part of the movement of people and companies changing our world by making better consumer choices. We also supply a design thinking process of creating products from waste for any innovation that you might need.

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