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on the types of upcycled products we can bulk manufacture for your needs.

These products have been developed at the upcycle innovation hub through our R&D process.

They are manufactured from continuous & uniform waste streams we are experienced working with, allowing us to provide you with a polished & standardized product offering.

The Zero Waste Store showcases the bespoke products made with love through our initiatives which enable tons of waste to be diverted from landfill.

Come visit us at 174 Long Road, Greymont (JHB) to discover a variety of uniquely crafted items made from individual waste streams by our crafters.

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 Make a Positive Impact!    Support Community Crafters!    Find that Unique Item!
Buy purchasing our eco friendly upcycled products, you are contributing to the green & circular ecoomies, promoting community development & supporting a move to a cleaner, greener world!    Your purchase enables us to continue training & supporting our community crafters, enabling income generation & empowerment of our local communities.    Because our items are hand made through our innovative upcycling R&D process, your next special something purchased from our store offers funtionality & showcases your conscious consumer attitude.



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As we gain a greater understanding of the interconnected cycles of all things,
we too must look at our production, consumption & waste patterns through new eyes.

There is an urgent need to rethink our purchasing habits & decisions that inform our buying power & impacts on earth.

tickwidget    Upcycle continuously innovate ways to reinvent waste into valuable product offerings. 
tickwidget   Through our product development & training we have developed people in various communities to create value added products which generate incomes.
tickwidget   The upcycle team facilitates waste innovation through research & development, training, support & marketing; tying together the circular and green economies through social upliftment & environmental impact reduction.
tickwidget   We can manufacture a range of bespoke or bulk order products that have been developed through our established waste responses, or we can innovate a new product according to your needs & waste streams.
tickwidget   When companies incorporate their CSI investments into our value chain through training & purchasing products made through the upcycle process, we are able to generate even greater shared value.

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Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

With corporate gifts, event & function d├ęcor now standardized, there is little unique & exciting items  available on the market at present.

We can offer you that unique eco-conscious offering you need to take your event of corporate gift to the next level. 

By purchasing your corporate gifts through us, you help to sustain livelihoods & be part of the movement of people making better consumer choices.


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