milk bottle plastic bag jellyfish1

This next baby jelly was made with 2 liter plastic milk bottles.

Dionne Macdonald created this one from a few milk bottles, a Pick and pay packet and a blue shopping bag we found in our plastic bag pile! It's amazing how creative Dionne is and how she leave nothing to waste!

Every little bit of the plastic bottle is being used either in these or some left over parts are being put to use in the larger jellyfish!!!

coke bottle jellyfish

 Upcycle had to make really small jellyfigh to.

Winnie McHenry made these with  2 liter Coke bottles.

these were made using the bottom  of the coke bottle to create the main shape of the jellyfish and then  the bottom part of the plastic 2 liter coke bottle was cut out for the tentacles and to create the middle section of the jellyfish. Winnie also used the clear plastic wrapping that you find around a 5 liter water bottle, this was cut up into very thin strips and scrunched up into the top of the bottle with other clear plastic that was found in the recycling bag. The final touch was done with some glass paint to give the jellyfish a more opaque look and to help the tentacles have more of a solid finish.






Now for the big ones

coke bottle baseWe will be installing them at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria for the Green home fair.

For these we asked for old tents so we could use the fiberglass tent poles to make the frames. Dionne created a frame for one of the large jellies with 2 liter coke bottles and then the tent poles were inserted into the ends to create the dome. 

Once the dome was created she painted the poles and then started sticking the fringe she created out of old plastic bags.

The fringe goes all the way around the bottom of the jellyfish to create the soft flow of the jellyfish.






winnie making jellyfish

In the mean time Winnie McHenry and Mark Fruhauf have been creating another jellyfish from 2mm  plumber pipe and wire for the frame.

Winnie then started plastering it with plastic shopping bags. Once that was done she covered it with an old net curtain and then did the decor that covers the final jellyfish!!








mark up highWhen all our jellyfish were ready to be installed at Brookly shopping mall for the "Green home fair".

We had to load them all up and drive through to Pretoria for a long night of installation and excitment! The excitement came in the form of watching Mark, 18.3 meters up in the air, on a Cherry picker! Scary stuff! These guys that do installations at these heights all the time really should get paid huge salaries! 

Mark went up to help install our amazing Jellyfish!! 







 So this is Dionne's amazing masterpiece once it was installed and flying high!dionne masterpiece

 This picture is of the Upcycle jellyfish installed in brooklyn mall!

jellyfish in brooklyn mall


Very exciting, lots of fun! Here are some more pics to view in the gallery.






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