Mosaic CD Picture Frame

completeStep-by-step on how to make a recycled cd mosaic picture frame

This is a fun way to use up all your old cd covers, electronic computer components and even some buttons and beads. Not only will you be creating a special gift, but you will be helping the environment in a small way.

Most cd cases and cd's do not get recycled in South africa. They usually end up in landfill as there is not enough understanding of how plastics can be recycled or where to take your recycleable products to.

There are big companies that do recycle the plastic when they get it but there is a large gap between the person with the spare cd cases and the company needed them for recycling. As recycling is still a fairly new concept in South Africa and we are not sure how to get these cases to the big recycle companies they mostly just get thrown out.

Next time you planing on doing a fun craft with your kids you could make them a really nice picture frame for thier room or even as a gift for thier teacher. 

You can use any cd case for this project, the thick or thin ones work just as well. 

For any questions contact: Winnie

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love key rings

Step by step project showing you how to make upcycled computer keyboard and upcycle them into Love keyrings

For any questions contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When it comes to down to recycling keyboards or the plastic casing on computer components can be the hardest thing to find anyone to recycle due to the plastic they make them from. This particular grade of plastic is a blend so not many people will accept it.

Try your hand at making you love a upcycle ‘love’ key ring from old computer keyboard keys this Valentine's Day, remember that you can make them any time from any combination of keys you can imagine.

All you need is some beads and a little love. Save the planet by upcycling your old keyboard and making a special gift!

Note: that you will have to use sharp knife, bower tool or a hot needle in order to make the holes in the keys so please take all the necessary precautions when working with dangerous or hot objects.