Upcycle train organizations, communities & individuals in various disciplines of upcycling
to make a living out of of waste & contribute to environmental sustainability.

We tailor your experience to suit your needs.


Our programs empower people to reinvent waste into products
that create value & form part of the green economy.


We Offer: 








 Bespoke formal training programs can be incorporated into your community project or sustain our pre-established communities.  Our engaging & educational workshops for individuals, groups & communities inspire you to rethink your waste & learn a new skill.  Our fun packed team building events inspire your team to solve problems, work as a team & raise your environmental awareness.


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Our comprehensive training programs were established to enable the creation of income generating products from waste streams destined for landfill.

Upcycle training courses equip corporates, communities & individuals to transform their waste problem into sustainable solutions.

These courses can be run in conjunction with corporate social investment projects.


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Formal training courses are more in-depth than our workshops and activations. Our goal is cultivate capable entrepreneurs with self-sustaining businesses, not simply upskill the labor force.

tickwidget 1   We focus on developing and applying design thinking capabilities and problem solving skills. We cover aspects from creativity, waste awareness, design thinking, project cycles and marketing. We also provide ongoing support, motivation and promotion of our upcycles.
tickwidget 1   Upcycle courses encourage continual development and motivation for life-long learning by developing an individual's capacity to reach their full potential.
tickwidget 1   It is by teaching skills, developing an entrepreneurial spirit and supporting business development we are able to achieve our purpose, vision and goals.



 Upcycle identify potential in your waste stream &
set up a training program to develop a valuable income generating product.




A capacity & skills development program teaching use of various waste items & tools for upcycling.










A machine and hand sewing skills course enabling product development using fabric and other waste materials.   A fundamental woodworking and restoration course including techniques and finishes   A glass skills workshop focusing on machine use, electrical applications and finishes.   An advanced paper techniques course focusing of paper mache and sculpture.


Keen on crafts? Want to learn how to upcycle?

We can turn you into a waste crafting guru!

Our fun tailered workshops inspire creative problem solving through crafting with waste.


 We teach individuals to view waste as a valuable resource &
provide them with tips & techniques on using various materials.




tickwidget 1   Informal workshops differ from our formal training courses in that we focus on a specific product output by inspiring individual creativity and promoting understanding of the potential of specific waste materials.
tickwidget 1   We teach a variety of skills including sewing, crochet, needlework, decoupage, woodwork, glass cutting and more.
tickwidget 1   Our work shops are designed to inspire teachers, crafters, community volunteers and corporates alike.
tickwidget 1   We teach the basic tricks of the trade, covering particular techniques and skills.
tickwidget 1   We focus on manufacturing a few 'WOW' products so that learners leave inspired and able to instruct others on how to create masterpieces and achieve their goals.
tickwidget 1   Workshops can be hosted at our innovation lab or at your chosen site.


 A short introductory workshop teaching basic skills and focusing on the creation of a specific product output.  Learn the basic tricks of the trade including specific techniques and skills needed to create a few specialized products.  A deeper look at the basic tricks of the trade including specific techniques and skills needed to create a few specialised products.  Explore your creative side and improve your practical problem solving and strategic thinking skills in this dynamic entrepreneurial workshop that may just spark your next big idea.



Upcycle presents uniquely crafted team building experiences; using your waste to
bring the circular economy to life!

The experience is tailored to ignite your teams passion & achieve your required outcomes.


tickwidget 1   Team building activities unify and inspire team members to work collectively to solve problems and strive towards a common purpose.
tickwidget 1   Our team building events add value by raising awareness of our environmental footprints, the realities of waste management and how to bring about social change through action.
tickwidget 1   These events contribute to community development by taking direct part in community projects.
tickwidget 1   Your next teambuilding event could create or sustain a community garden or provide educational toys to disadvantaged children.


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With sustainability at the forefront of modern business practices, corporates are looking for ways to
reduce their environmental impact, promote community development & stay ahead of the competition.

We tailor-make projects based on your particular needs or required outcome.

As part of your corporate sustainability strategy we take waste management a step further by
transforming your waste into a valuable product offering.

We can even upcycle your waste into corporate gifts that market your green commitment! 


 Capacity Development    Economy GreenCircular    Community Resilience
            Capacity Development
   Skills for the Green Economy
              Community Resilience
Training and development are critical to upholding our professional standards and producing good quality upcycled products. But training is about more than simply learning a skill or making products.

By equipping individuals and communities with appropriate skills and market knowledge we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to transform knowledge into income generation opportunities and success.
  The socio economic realities of unemployment, poverty and environmental degradation in developing countries highlight the need for education, skills development and sustainable income generation. 

Empowering people to make a living, uplift their communities and their environment is an invaluable contribution to South Africa and it's people.
  Crafting is a skill traditionally passed down in families and communities; providing livelihood opportunities.  Sadly these skills are being lost as mass produced consumer goods overtake the marketplace.

Upcycle serves to bring these skills and traditions back whilst enabling innovative use of waste products to produce a unique and valuable product offering. 
 Economic Opportunities    Green Credentials
Tap Into Economic Opportunities
Improve Your Green & Social Credentials

The upcycling industry holds exceptional potential for previously disadvantaged communities and individuals with low incomes or skills gaps to cost effectively start a business.

The huge international and local demand for handmade crafts and green goods absolutely justifies investment into upcycle training.

  Investing in upcycle training reduces your organizations environmental footprint and involves communities in creating solutions to environmental problems.

Our training programs have far reach and are inclusive of the unemployed, youth, elderly and people with disabilities. 


Our Solutions are Aligned with Your 


tickwidget 1    Training is a key component of our waste response and allows for integration of CSI and CSR initiatives as part of your corporate SED objectives or obligations.
 tickwidget 1   Our training courses are designed to run in conjunction with SED projects by removing materials from your waste stream and providing training for communities to develop functional income generating products from waste.

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  By aligning your waste response to economic opportunities for beneficiaries, your contributions can lead to truly sustainable solutions. In fact, re-engineering your waste through training is what helps us sustain our community initiatives.

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We develop educational & instructional upcycling training manuals, booklets & flyers:
hand tailored to your organizational needs


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We have established & grown a network of community upcycling initiatives & projects through our extensive experience working in communities.

Training empowers these communities to develop a range of products from various waste streams that enable income generation.

By taping into & adding value to this cycle corporates and organizations can assist us in making these projects truly sustainable.


We have actively trained communities in:

 training alexandra    banner candles    bongi sewing    orange farm
 Alexandra  Newlands  Swaneville   Orange Farm 



Randfontein Training Workshop


 Primary School


High Schools

 Not sure what training will best suit you?

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