zip and press stud picture frame done with mosaic techiqueIdea for a picture frame made from discarded zips and press studs

As part of it’s ongoing dedication to the security of our country the SAPS is also looking at the security of our environmental future. To the end every single uniform that is replace during the time a police officer works for the SAPS is sent to their Pretoria branch where the uniform is then destroyed and the various components are sent to different companies to prevent the waste from entering landfills.

Upcycle has become a part of this project by taking on the discarded zips and press studs from the SAPS uniforms and have been working hard at making up projects to utilise the waste.

In this project we took the zips, press studs and a few unwanted beads and used them with a mosaic technique and produced this stunning picture frame.

We retail this from our store in Randburg for R280.00 


complete fabric painted upcycle bkgrnd
Step-by-step on how to use old fabric and create your own design.

Old clothes and fabrics are perfect for making patchwork items and accessories for the home.
If you're looking for a way to bring in some extra cash each month, here's a way to make use
of what normally gets thrown away. If you're sewing skills are not quite up the advanced
level, you could still make colourful piece of fabric.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries”, says
Wendy Schultz, Textiles and Fashion lecturer. According to global research cotton production
alone is the second most polluting crop after corn, and the industry has long outsourced
production to low wage countries, exploiting low levels of regulation. There is an untold
amount of textile waste created in the production of fashion, and this Upcycle project is
aimed to create a difference by showing how these small off-cuts can be transformed into
something of much greater value than its parts: up-cycling at its best.

For any questions contact: Winnie




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felt keyring
Step by step on how to make a felt scraps, heart key ring

Commercially produced felt pieces are ideal for using in children's craft projects. Unlike woven fabric, felt will not fray or unravel. As such, it is a great fabric for children to learn to sew with. Felt can be cut with normal craft scissors. Felt is also a popular material for making handcrafted products such as bags, hats and other accessories. Handmade felt is often used for these projects, this helps to produce items that are very different from shop bought items. Textile artists also use felt in their art. Felt is a good surface to embroider and adorn with embellishments.

Make yourself or your loved one an adorable little felt heart key rings. They are ideal gifts for Valentine's Day, and are made from the small bits of leftover felt that would normally be thrown away when working on a bigger project. Remember that everything is re-usable and can be upcycled if you put your mind to it.




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