What you need:

• Old, used pieces of already painted fabric
• Paintbrushes
• Plastic sheeting
• Paint, choose a colour which is not already used on the used fabric cloth

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft. It is recommended that you
read through the Fabric Painting Basics before starting this project.

what you need

Step 1

Take any one of your chosen pieces of colourful fabric which has been painted on and place it
onto plastic sheeting with the painted side facing upwards.

Using a medium sized paintbrush, paint over the entire cloth with your chosen colour paint,
preferably using a different colour to any colour already used on the fabric.

start painting fabric

Step 2

When painting over the fabric, use thick, even strokes, but not so thick that it becomes too
shiny, otherwise you won't be able to see the design properly.

Step 3

After the fabric has been painted over, use the back tip of the paintbrush to gently scrape a
design of your choice, let your imagination go wild!

test pattern designdraw pattern designsexpanded pattern on fabric

Step 4

If you don't like your design you can easily paint over it again, and again! The end result
will be a beautiful crafted design made from old fabric which would have been left lying
around or thrown out in the trash!

painted fabric complete

Step 5

Remember that you need to heat set any fabric painted items. Follow the manufacturer’s
instructions of your paint.

complete fabric painted upcycle bkgrnd

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