What you will need to make Tassel & Charm Scrap Fabric Bangle

Plastic Cool Drink Bottle
Scraps of fabric
Charms & links

Step 1

We begin the tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle by cutting the plastic bottle. Plastic bottles cut easily with a paper scissors, but it’s easier to make an opening hole with either an awl or a nail ,than slip you scissors in the hole & snip away (children will need an adults help for this step).

The tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle is created with the flat plain part of a 750ml Pepsi bottle. We cut this piece out.

cut bottle

Step 3

Once we have this piece for our tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle, we wind masking tape around it.

masking tape

Step 4

The masking tape is a guide to neatly cut out our round plastic bottle bangle for our tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle

tape guide cut

Step 5

Begin to thread charms onto your ribbon for your tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle. You could instead of ribbon use scrap fabric cut into a long and thin strip. Add links to your charms, than thread the ribbon through your links for extra dangliness and making them easier to thread.

thread charms

Step 6

Wrap the ribbon round your plastic bottle bangle, making sure that charms dangle at the edges. Tuck the ribbon in, You could stop here if you like this look.

wrap charm

Step 7

Now cut out strips of scrap fabric for your tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle, mine were about 16cm long and 2cm width.

cut scraps

Step 8

Hold a piece of your scrap fabric folded in a loop behind the bangle.


Step 9

Than pic up the ends of the scrap & thread into the loop, pull tight, creating a tassel and tying onto the plastic bottle bangle


Step 10

Add a few tassels between charms to create the lovely tassel & charm scrap fabric bangle.


Step 11

Cut into the tassels to create more fringe effect.

snip tassles

Step 12

Trim tassels to even out and finish off.


You could also leave out charms and simply wrap fabric between tassels.

no charms

You can also create a raggedy fashion bangle with just tassels.

all tassel

Go wild!






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