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What you need to make a felt heart key ring:

• Red felt
• Black felt
• Black embroidery cotton
• Red embroidery cotton
• Sewing Needle
• Scissors
• Heart pattern, 1x bigger, 1x smaller
• Pins
• Stuffing
• Black ribbon

Step 1

Take a piece of paper and cut out two hearts, one smaller than the other. Pin the paper hearts to your folded piece of felt ensuring that the heart fits on the piece of felt. Cut out the hearts using your scissors, you will now have four hearts, two black and two red.

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Step 2

Place the smaller felt heart in the centre of the larger felt heart; you should have an even border around the smaller heart.

felt heart key ring 15

Step 3

Take your black embroidery cotton, and blanket stich the smaller felt hearts onto the larger felt hearts.

felt heart key ring 19

Step 4

Using thin black ribbon, about 5 cm in length, fold it in half and sew it to the inside of the black heart where the top of the heart forms a 'V' shape. This is the loop of the felt heart key ring.

Step 5

With red embroidery cotton we are now going to sew the two black felt hearts together. I have just done a small tacking stitch to give it the effect of the red cotton showing through. Before you have sewn all the way around, remember the fill the heart with some scrap bits of felt and fabric.
Fill it well so you have a nice firm heart, but not so much that you distort the shape of it.

Step 6

We are now going to start on the red and black felt swirls.
You need to cut two 5cm long thin bits of red and black felt. They need to be about 2mm to 3mm in thickness.

Step 7

Take a black and a red strip and put the red felt underneath the black one, and start rolling them into a swirl.
When you get to the end, open it up just a little and cut the red felt shorter than the black one so that you can close the swirl up with black felt.
Using black cotton, tack the swirl closed.

felt heart key ring 18felt heart key ring 20

felt heart key ring 24felt heart key ring 25

Step 8

Do the same to the other swirl.

Step 9

Once the two swirls are done you can sew them to the heart. I have sewn them with black cotton onto the black parts of the swirl.
When you are done, you can add a key ring loop onto it and you have a stunning Valentine's gift for your loved one.

felt heart key ring 26

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